Thank you to the Cryptowid for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with BATTLE SAGA December 10th 2021 1pm UTC. This guest star :

Sangay Norbu



Before we start AMA main segment, we really want to know some informations about yourself. Could you do a little introduction for us know better about you?

| Sangay

Sure :) My name is Sangay Norbu, I am the CMO of Battle Saga. To talk a little about my gaming background, from a young age I was really interested in gaming and have been fascinated by the thrill we get from gaming. With this game Battle Saga, we have the thrill and the earning prospect which i am sure everyone will like


Q1. What is Battle Saga? and why Clash of Clans inspired you to make this game?

| Sangay

Since the day that COC came out, i have always been fascinated by the game and spent countless hours on COC everyday. The general game mechanics just seemed to resonate with me and i found a game that i truly loved. A few years later, me and my team decided to make our own defi game and while brainstorming, i realised that the genre of RTS games like COC remained untouched in the P2E gaming world. This triggered an endless stream of nostalgia and we decided that we were going to develop a game based on COC but make it even better than the original.

Q2. What makes Battle Saga different and unique from other Metaverse out there?

| Sangay

We can’t enclose much information regarding this as our game is still in the development stage but we are working on making real estate and tournaments the main pillars for our metaverse. Clans will also be implemented where players from different places can come together and battle other clans. They can go to their base and come to the land where there will be another players as well

Q3. Please tell us more about $BTL token, GOLD, and Battle Saga’s Nfts?

| Sangay

$BTL is our native/governance token that can be used to trade in the marketplace. The usage of $BTL ranges from buying NFTs and realms on the markeplace to exchanging it with the in-game token, $GOLD, which can be used to train troops and upgrade your base. $BTL is also needed for the staking, farming, and breeding aspects of the game. The players can create in-game NFTs by making use of the breeding/training function of the game. This NFT can then be sold in the marketplace or rented out to earn passive income. Battle Saga also provides staking and farming the NFTs as an source of income.

Q4. Could you give us some information about your roadmap, your milestones, and also your future plans?


Q3, 2021 - Battle Saga’s initial inception.
Q4, 2021 - And we will be our having our IDO soon in around mid-end December.
Q1, 2022 - Cross-chain, Metaverse launch followed by Game Beta Version launch.
Q2, 2022 - Partnerships with metaverse and NFT projects. Game Expansion.
Future is bright and we are in the right direction. Battle Saga is not just a project but a decentralized economy of its own, governed collectively. It’s gonna be more of a nation/ a country by itself in the metaverse when mass adoption hits the market. Potentials are massive and we are exhilarated to show you what we have for you guys. If you are here at the AMA, consider yourself as first on the scene


Q1. In many gaming platform, users spend lots of time playing before they can earn. How easy will playing your game be for users who are not familiar with NFT-games? Are there some strategies you have implemented to make your game fun/easy, stress-free and not boring for users?

| Sangay

Yes thank you for asking this question, we really wanted to inform the space that our game is not entirely focused on the aspect of earning. Most crypto games only focus on the aspect of earning where the enjoyment part of the game is compromised. Battle Saga creates easy to play system by implementing the Earn Without Playing mechanism. Players can build up their defenses and earn for every successful defensive attempt. The game also provides a user-friendly marketplace that is very easy to understand and use. We will also set up an algorithm where the matchmaking is fair and fun

Q2. in this years, many new gaming blockchain project pop up. this is a sign to invest in a new or early stage gaming project. but because there are so many pop up, its hard to choose the right one. about that, may you give one of reason why we to choose Battle Saga?

| Sangay

Thanks for the question 😊
Investing early in Battle Saga is definitely a right move as it implements a never seen before gaming mechanism (EWP) that other NFT games on the market do not use.
The earn without playing mechanism is sure to change the gaming world forever. Our project is also backed up by a lot of big names in the crypto space like oddiyana ventures, Moonwhale, Dutch Crypto z investors that have a good track record of successful investments.
Battle Saga will also be implementing a DAO system which will greatly reduce the gap between the developers and the players. This will make it much easier to see user recommended updates being implemented in the game.

Q3. I see that Battle Saga is project incubated by "Oddiyana Ventures". Can you tell us, aside from fundraising and financial support, what are other things that Oddiyana Ventures have offered and given Battle Sage in terms of its developmental process?

| Sangay

Thank you for the question
Oddiyana Ventures is one of Battle Saga’s earliest partners and have been a big part in the growth of the project. Oddiyana Ventures has been very helpful by providing the team with top grade marketing tools, tokenomics and legal advisory. The biggest way that Oddiyana Ventures has helped Battle Saga is by introducing us to top individuals and partners in the cryptospace.

Q4. im here because the big news that Battle Saga is Fcan generate earn without playing, then please give an explanation about that, how actually we can generate earn in Battle Saga? What they need to do to generate earn here?

| Sangay

Thank you for your question.
The Earn without playing model is gaming is fairly new with Battle Saga being the only NFT game to implement it as a main part of the gaming mechanism. The EWP in Battle Saga rewards players for being creative and smart by pre-building and staying idle in the game. The way the mechanism works is that a player earns income for successfully defending another player’s attack on the first player’s base. Players can upgrade their defenses to increase their chances of winning while not even playing the game.

Q5. Community really important for a game Project, so what event that #BattleSaga team prepare to attract new people into your community ? do you have special event like giveaway, airdrop, ambassador or maybe bounty event?

| Sangay
At Battle Saga we give the utmost importance to our community and we try our very best to make sure that we reciprocate all the love and support from our comminity.
Battle Saga just recently finished our first giveaway and we are planning more giveaway events. Currently we have started our whitelisting event for our $BTL token where we prioritized our early supporters. The early supporters have been given a exclusive role in discord with access to private channels. Battle Saga also concluded our first bounty event and the first air drop will also be starting soon.


Q1. Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable ?


Yes we will be working on the Audit with Certik, Oddiyana Ventures has all the connections and resources for us. So, it will be quick to get audited!

Q2. Is Battle Saga will available on the playstore app or is it only available on the web version? and is it required any specific devices to play this game?


Thank you for your question, It will be first launched on web and then we will shift to mobile devices

Q3. Where can I buy your tokens now?? Can you tell us please?


There are no tokens generated as of now, but we will surely list it on pancake swap. Other CEXs are not confirmed

Q4. A project that wants to run long distances needs a specific and long-term plan. Share with us your strategy and vision for 2021?


Hey agree 😄 so for 2021 we are planning to have our IDO and make sure that there’s a clear path and smooth path for 2022. We will be launching our game in 2022 so will have to do all the backend work before hand.

Q5. Do you have any....

1. Telegram Group
2. YouTube channel
3. Medium
4. Website
5. Twitter
6. Discord

For this project?
Please share with us link..??




Telgram Official Group:

Telegram Announcement:







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