Fabwelt AMA RECAP — 29/10/2021

Thank you to the Cryptowid for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Fabwelt October 29th 2021 at 1pm UTC. This guest star :

Praveen Gujjari — COO of Fabwelt

Live Telegram AMA


Before we start AMA main segments, we really want to know some informations about yourself. Could you do a little introduction for us to know better about you?

| Praveen

My name is Praveen Gujjari, the Chief Operating Officer for Fabwelt Studios Ltd. I am very happy to be associated with Fabwelt. With just over a year into blockchain, I try to expand my horizon and learn new things everyday. So it is exciting about what we as Fabwelt do and what we are going to do in the future. We as a team believe that we are gonna make it big, with a sustainable ecosystem and a happy community.
And I should mention, I have been looking forward to this AMA session, as this is my very first AMA for me as a speaker and can’t wait to start with it. Hopefully I will live up to everyones expectations with my answers.


Q1. Please tell the community what is Fabwelt in detail?

| Praveen

In simple terms, Blockchain technology + High-end Games = Fabwelt Ecosystem
Fabwelt creates games and technology to fully integrate blockchain technology for a advance gameplay experience. High-end games will be developed for all types of genres like 3D First Person Shooters, Action-adventures games, Simulation games, Strategy games, Fantasy gaming, etc. All games Fabwelt produces will be integrated with blockchain technology at its core. This means a full experience of in-game NFTs, Play to Earn and in-game DeFi.

Q2. What is the background behind Fabwelt Project?

| Praveen

The idea is to revolutionize gaming experience on blockchain. We believe GameFi has immense potential while integrating with blockchain. It has started to unleash itself with brilliant ideas and techniques to incentivize active users with surprisingly high rewards. With Fabwelt not only we try to maximize incentives but we aim to introduce high quality games over blockchain for gamers and non-gamers to enjoy the experience on our platform.

Q3. As we know, every serious project always have their own roadmap. Could you please explain Fabwelt roadmap and also what phase is currently ongoing?

| Praveen

I think this picture answers the question. It shows that we are getting ready to go all guns blazing in every department and have set very good goals to finish by the end of next year.
We are currently busy with the fundraising and you can expect some exciting news in the coming days. Apart from that, we are making giant strides for the Main-net launch of Arsenal, our MVP, a first person 3D shooter game, along with the Fantasy Sports Platform and Staking portal, which are under development.

Q4. We are so curious about $WELT, could you please tell us about $WELT its total supply, its features, and where we can buy it?

| Praveen

Oh yes, we have actually spent considerable amount of time on our Tokenomics. So, WELT token is a utility token on polygon network, with the use cases: Gaming Ecosystem, Staking and DeFi. The total supply is 500 million.

You would have to wait a few more days until we reveal the details of the launch. The updates in the next days are definitely worth the wait and everything will be clear by the time of launch.
When in doubt, we have an amazing of admins and mods in our various socials, just write there and get answers for your questions. https://t.me/FabweltToken

Q5. What is Fabwelt strategic plan for the future?

We have thought about the future very well and we intent to sustain until blockchain exists and even as a traditional gaming company. With an experiences and dedicated Team, we are sure to deliver what we have planned or even more. In the coming weeks, we aim to launch with a successful completion of investment rounds. Our IDO will be conducted on multiple platforms. And we are continuing with our technical development, introduction of ARSENAL to the public which will be followed by Fanwelt and many other high end games in coming year. Also, not to lose focus on the marketing side, we have divided our marketing campaign into various phases. We execute each phase according to market dynamics and have been doing it since Q2 2021. We will also focus on reaching the WELT token to every corner of the world by listing in on various DEXs and CEXs. Overall the focus is on providing the best service to our community and users on the platform.


Q1. Security is so important with every project and platform. How does FabweltToken keep users' assets and personal data safe from hackers? How do you manage if there is an attack to your platform?

| Praveen

The answer is in the question: Security is very important. We just make sure, we maintain the necessary standards of security from day one. We already have a solid foundation with our experienced developer team and with time the team size will increase too. This combination of expertise and size makes sure the Fabwelt Ecosystem is safe and secure. For instance, all our smart contracts are audited by a certified and reputed audit companies.

Q2.With #Fabwelt, will it be possible to obtain the best market predictions for the different projects? Or will they simply train users so that each one can develop their own predictions?

| Fabwelt

We cannot really predict how the market dynamics will be for other projects. Rather we focus our Research on improving in technical aspects compared to other projects.

With time users will be able to understand the FABWELT Ecosystem much better and be the best judge to know how WELT is gonna give long term profits.

Q3. More and more investors are only concerned with the token price and profit in the short term rather than the long term and the health of the project. How does $FabweltToken try to balance this problem?

| Praveen

Yes. This needs to be strategically drafted. The primary focus is to be a token with several use-cases, which will be beneficial and so avoid unusual pump and dump situations. We already have some attractive use cases and a string of them lined up for the foreseeable future. With this, we aim to create a sustainable ecosystem with a broader geographical cover, meaning users from all over the world. We believe, diversification is the key for long term existence.
Our roadmap explains are we going to do and this should give a brief idea to the investors looking for a long term hodl. As the COO, I visualize a bright future for Fabwelt and its community, and it’s only time will prove our potential.

Q4. there are too many NFT projects popping up at the moment, how do you convince investors and what steps do you take to compete with other projects?

| Praveen

By introducing several utilities with NFTs. NFTs are mostly used as collectibles in almost all blockchain games. On Fabwelt platform, you can own unique NFTs and use them during the gameplay to strategize and win the rewards. We aim to create games of all genres like first person shooter, strategy, racing, sports etc. This will allow more Utilities with in-game NFTs.
Along with Play-to-Earn and in-game DeFi , NFTs becomes more user-friendly and thereby more attractive to users

Q5. Currently, there are many DeFi platforms, especially games that offer NFT collections. However, the holder finds it difficult to sell the collection. What is the solution given by #FABWELT?

| Praveen

Going back to 4th Question: Also, with Polygon Gas fees are almost negligible. Suits us very well. Since there will be very high amount of transactions on our platform. we need speed and cheap gas fees.

The solution is in two parts:
1. the transactions need to be fast and cheap. For this very reason, we chose the polygon network.
2. one of the priorities for our developing team, is creating sophisticated and user-friendly platforms. ARSENAL is coming soon as our proof of concept.


Q1. How will FANWELT contribute positively to NFT & GAMING WOLRD, how will you gain GLOBAL ADOPTION

Is your MOBILE APP available for ANDROID & IOS?

| Praveen

As you already know, Fanwelt is a Fantasy Sports Platform, which is a rapidly growing industry.
With our concept of fantasy gaming and integrating NFTs into it as in-game utilities and rewards, the experience is gonna be very new to everyone.
And yes, the platform is under development with both Mobile and Web versions.

Q2. What do you think the NFT + DeFi association’s boom is causing worldwide attention? How does your Project take advantage of and exploit this reality?

| Praveen

Definitely, NFTs is been the hot baked goods of Blockchain tech. And Fabwelt is all about integrating NFTs and DeFi with Gaming, which is fun and beneficial at the same time.

Q3. What is the plan to ensure sufficient liquidity on exchanges to fill market orders, especially as adoption increases and clients begin multiplying year-over-year for your project ?

| Praveen

We will have our own Staking platform as well as on other platforms. We already have a list of exchanges, to be joining us soon and with that, we will strengthen our market space with necessary plans and actions.

Q4. How important is the community to Your project? and How can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project?

| Praveen

Fabwelt has risen from the community. We the core team, were just the first few members of this community and we came together bringing in new ideas for FABWELT. This applies everyone here. The team is always open to the community. Questions, Ideas and Opinions, all kinds of feedback will be considered with same integrity.

Q5. What’s your main focus right now, are you focused on the community or market/Exchange or the products?

| Praveen

The main focus right now, is launching WELT into the market. There is news and updates everyday from us now.
And this all is the lead to our Grand launch, planned to be in a few weeks.
Very soon, details and instructions will be clearly laid for everyone to understand. Along with that, the technical development is always ON from day 1 of Fabwelt.


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