Thank you to the Cryptowid for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with GRAVITON December 11th 2021 1pm UTC. This guest star :

Jamie Beck
- CO Founder of GRAVITON



My name is Jamie Beck, I have worked as an IT engineer and project/technical consultant for many IT, Blockchain and gaming companies over the last 12 years. Long time Competitive Gamer, Hobbyist Game Developer. Blockchain Enthusiast Since 2016.


Q1. Please tell the community what is GRAVITON in detail ?

| Jamie

Graviton Zero is a Sci-Fi Play to Earn, NFT game with player owned assets and land. Graviton Zero lets you fight friends and enemies across an engaging array of game modes, always keeping you on the edge of your seat. Trade and collect Land NFTS, Ship’s and other Assets. Step into the stunning world of GRAVITON ZERO and immerse yourself into a PvP and PvE metaverse experience like no other. One in which only your skill can determine the outcome of the battle.

Q2. Could you give us some reason why should we choose GRAVITON than other NFT Game out there?


It will be powered by unreal engine the most powerful real-time 3d creation platform, It has NFT staking which will provide randomized rewards for its holders on a weekly basis, expressed in GRAV tokens, other types of NFTs, LOOT chests, Ship Refuel tickets, tournament tickets and high fidelity enjoyable gameplay with an open world end-game. You will be able to battle each other for planetary control and control of monuments and stations. We aim to be the biggest Space MMORPG in the blockchain industry. Built by gamers for gamers.

Q3. Could you please explain about your Roadmap, and also what phase is currently ongoing?


We have structured it in phases to be completed in each quarter. We have completed phase one which was concept, design, infrastructure, game logic and initial development concept. Smart contract preparation and initial game theory. We are now in phase 2 which is Q4 2021. We have already unveiled our strategic partnerships and trailer release. We have an introductory whitelist system for NFTs and our smart contract is currently being audited. We will have our first IDO’s launching in this phase and we will go to public sale planned for before christmas.

Q4. Please tell us about $GRAV
token! What are the token use-case, distribution, and also where we can get/buy it?


The GRAVITON ZERO ecosystem provides different reward mechanics for gamers and token holders. We will implement a sophisticated system based on DeFi principles like: staking for Liquidity Provision, NFTs, GRAV token staking and game platform Governance through a DAO. GRAV token holders will have the ability to provide liquidity or participate in a revolutionary internal staking system and be rewarded with additional tokens, NFTs and rewards. It will also be used to purchase NFT’s and upgrades all sold on the Graviton Marketplace. Token IDO/Public sale information to be released very shortly. Announcements planned for the next 2-3 days, stay tuned to our socials for more.

Q5. What is the future goal of GRAVITON related to METAVERSE NFT Game?


We plan to be the first true AAA quality NFT Space combat game, which has high fidelity gameplay and is enjoyable to play with a huge open world. Being built by hardcore gamers for gamers. The whole team has been fanatic gamers for over 20 years and will bring this experience with them. To be able to own your NFT game assets in a ever expanding universe. As a decentralized blockchain game, gamers have true ownership of their minted NFTs and assets. Therefore, the right to trade is wholly owned by the player. Our in-game marketplace will make this process trustless. Gamers will be able to buy and sell their NFTs using $GRAV tokens. Our Contracts can also be read by the other 3rd party marketplaces on the same chain. This way the game and gamers will benefit from the liquidity of other marketplaces like OPENSEA. We aim to create a decentralized metaverse where the players skills will be rewarded and honed.


Q1. Graviton Zero is NFT platform, but really for users should not be important the quantity, but the quality, I mean, how valuable are the NFT that we can acquire in Graviton Zero, what elements give them a real value that allows them to be easy to market in the NFT market?


They will represent real items in our game world. LAND plots, SHIPs, upgrades, characters, weapons etc. Each will have specific benefits or Rarity traits which will allow the owner an array of new possibilities and benefits. Void mission time reduced. Mining Luck, NFT mining Luck, Refuel costs, Ship Insurance and much much more. We are adding extra features as a reward for the first adopters of our and giving away landing pads of varying rarity’s to our holders. A few secret giveaways for holders will also be announced soon!

Q2. A lot of projects talk about their strengths all the time, but their token or coin prices are always falling. As one of project leaders, would you dare to speculate on the difficulties that the company is facing and how long it will take to overcome them?


The biggest difficulty the project has been facing is with regards to the world situation and COVID, working from home has produced its own challenges and the team have so far done an amazing job in overcoming them and getting the project this far. We are currently also working with external developers which have so far proven to be stellar partners and we believe that we can even beat our roadmap and bring lots of utility to our Token and NFT holders short and long term.
We are also in the process of accelerating recruitment in our own game studio to bring in the very best professionals from all fields to make this project a success and the largest Sci Fi MMORPG ever!

Q3.The project integrates an efficient VRF+BLS consensus mechanism. Can you tell us the advantages of this mechanism? Can you tell us how you plan to tackle High gas fees and network congestion in blockchain?


The project has considered many different mechanisms to tackle gas fees and we plan to implement as many as we can to reach a exceptionally low/zero gas environment within our ecosystem – some of these plans include initially launching token on BSC due to its high speed and low fees, We plan to bridge to lots of chains like SOLANA, Matic, ETH, WAX, IMMUTABLEX, AVAX etc in the future to give our users a wide range of ways to interact with our ecosystem with fastest transactions and lowest fees

Q4. Does users need to buy a land first before they can play Graviton? Can you tell use where and when we can buy it? Also, what will be the benefit of owning one or more lands?


Graviton Zero will be free to play. You will need a ship to traverse the Graviton Universe but we are going to give every single player in the Graviton Zero universe a common starter ship to get you started on your journey to overcoming the VOID. Players will need to own an extractor to mine on land if they do own or a space station to mine from land they do not own. The benefits of owning the Genesis land collection will be the bonus' that are provided. Mining Bonus, Void Mission Time Reduced, NFT Mining Luck for grav tokens/NFTS, Land plots, and varying rarities of Landing pad. There will also be lots of other ways to earn within our ecosystem while not owning land, like doing PVE void missions or competing in seasonal PVP leader boards and battling other factions for planetary control.

Q5. From your website, we can submit problem, suggestion, idea or bug report and get reward, where we can submit that?


We are currently implementing a bug bounty which will go live in the coming weeks. For now you can email us at or wait for the upcoming announcements soon! Please follow our socials for more.


Q1. Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable


Thank you for your question - I can confirm that yes we are currently have the contract audited by 2 companies and we will release full whitepaper and audit results before the token goes live! please stay tuned to our socials for updates in the coming few days

Q2. Do you have any plans for ambassador programme role for your project growth and awareness? If yes how may I apply?


Thanks for the question - Yes we do have an ambassador program and i expect it should be going Live on Monday please stay tuned for the full detailed announcement

Q3. how important is community as well as partnership for you? Will you listen community voice, ideas and feedbacks?


Our community is one of the most important factors for us! we are all Avid games and we believe that community comes first and with it a great game and ecosystem will thrive - our early investments rounds are coming to a close and we now plan to give our full attention to growing and maintaining a vibrant community

Q4. Hi sir,
SERIOUS ISSUES with RUG PULLS from TOKENS are seen lately....
How SECURE are our FUNDS with


Hey Thanks for the question - i agree Security and Safety should be a top priotity which is why we have brought in leading market makers to manage the liquidity process and locking/vesting smart contract for all partners and team/marketing/liquidity funds - these contracts wioll also be fully audited and published before release

Q5. It is predicting that DAOs will become the “next big trend” in the space and mainstream investors start to take notice. Will Graviton Zero introduce some forms of game/platform DAO Governance mechanics in the later phases of its development? How will it benefit us?


Yes we as a project also agree that a fully decentralized system is the true future of blockchain gaming where community, token holders and NFT holders can all play a role in steering the ecosystem and direction of the game in the way that will create a strong a vibrant community that will last a very long time


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