INDODEX AMA RECAP — 15/10/2021

Thank you to the Cryptowid for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) With INDODEX on Oktober, 15th 2021 at 12pm UTC. This guest star :

-Thomas Matulessy
-Raden Sudirman
-I Gusti Ngurah Rai

(Initiator of INDODEX)

Live Telegram AMA


Before we start the AMA main segment, we really want to know some information about your self. Could you do a little introduction for us to know better about you?

| Thomas

Suree! Hi everyone, Thomas Matulessy here or most known as Kapten Pattimura (for those who don’t know, we use the names of heroes from Indonesia). In real life, I have been in the blockchain space for the last 4 years and counting with my first 2 years being in the layer one and the rest of it in a DeFi project.

As the main marketing guy in the team, I use the alias Kapten Pattimura for his negotiation skill, strategic thinking, and bravery for fighting the broken system. The reason we’re using the heroes name is because indoDEX as the first DEX in Indonesia will bring revolution to the current corrupt system, a revolution to the crypto industry in our country.

Nice to emeet ya’ll!!

| Gusti

Hello everyone, I am I Gusti Ngurah Rai or you can call me Ngurah Rai, Who is he? He is one of the Indonesian hero that has the spirit not to give up easily against the great power to defend the homeland, namely the Republic of Indonesia, to the point called the puputan (end).

This determination is what inspires me to do a job, the passion to work until PUPUT (completed). That is why I choose this name as my alter name on this project

Meanwhile, personally, I am a graphic designer who has been directly involved as a designer for a company engaged in Blockchain and Crypto since 2016. My concern arises when there are many hacking cases that occur on a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform.


Q1. What is IndoDEX? and how can your team create this project?

| Thomas

IndoDEX is like Indodax (the so-called biggest crypto exchange in Indonesia, CEX) but the difference is we don’t belong to one person or one company, we belong to everyone who participates.

In short, IndoDEX is a decentralized finance (DEX), exchange platform that can be done straightly from your digital wallet like Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc without the third party or mediator.

The reason behind why we create this is as a starting movement to the corrupt system, a rebellion to the “richer get richer, poorer get poorer” - we believe that blockchain should be decentralized, not the otherwise. It is only revolutionary and game changing if its decentralized, not owned by a specific entity. Right?

Q2. What opportunity does IndoDEX see in this project that can convince investors to invest?

| Gusti

Nice one, So, As the first DEX in Indonesia, we have a lot to offer .Our main purpose is to start the revolution in the crypto Industry starting from Indonesia. DeFi is growing rapidly and CEX is not aligning with the spirit of decentralisation where it is the main purpose of blockchain technology. And like DeFI, NFT has been in a frontier of the blockchain space, only DEX can facilitate this. Other than that, Indonesian traders have been getting more and more advanced to use DEX instead of CEX.

Q3. You guys sounded idealist and naive. Is this a serious project?

| Thomas

Well, we might be idealists as we really aim to change the current industry as we have been living and see many things to be fixed, but we are not at all naive 😉 Our team came from years of blockchain and cryptocurrency experience and we know how things work. We might be anonymous but as the time goes, the work will prove itself 🔥

Q4. Could you please explain about your Roadmap, and also what phase is currently ongoing?

| Gusti

Yess happy to talk a little bit about that, So For now we have the Roadmap in a high level view. In 2021 our plan to have things done such as:
Web app launch Stage 1, Tokenomics, Documentation, Partnering with Crypto Community in Indonesia, IDO (Initial DEX Offering), Listing di DEX, App feature (Trade, Farms and Pool) Security Audit, Partnering with Layer 1 Blockchain Project. A little bit in the future we will have Governance model, Bridge V2: Interoperable, Airdrop for Indonesian User, NFT, IFO (Initial Farms Offering), DAO and many more as we are still growing. What is going to happen in the near future are we will have the first stage of our app launch, IDO, tokenomics and partnership with the layer 1 blockchain project

Q5. What is the closest plan you guys can share with us for IndoDEX in the near future?

| Thomas

Good question! Our platform will launch very soon, this year. And before it happens, we will have so much exciting news coming up and one of those I can share is we will hold the biggest crypto competition event with the biggest rewards in Indonesia. Just for Indonesian participants. Oops, another tea spilled! Stay tuned for more updates in our telegram group and twitter account


Q1. Indodex focuses on decentralized exchages powering the Indonesian market as a whole. However, people have shifted interest on NFTs over DEXs so may I ask, does your platform has any involvement on the NFT industry? Can you explain to us your project’s engagement on NFTs?

| Gusti

Yes, we have a plan to get engage with NFT’s projects, we are open to a possibility that we might provide a platform for the community who get interested on NFTs to be more easily get involved on it, for the details we will announce in our channel in the future.

Q2. How do you convince the average crypto user that INDODEX should be your one-stop-shop for the benefit of your assets? Why not go for a different and more renowned project? And how are you going to instill confidence in your user base, since the team is anonymous?

| Thomas

Thank you Ben for the question! More than benefiting each other, we bring change to the current system. We’re not a one-stop-shop, we’re a solution to a broken machine. Well, that is other than lower tx fee (we use bsc network) than Indodax, more control over your own assets, more secure, and more transparent 😉

The team is anonymous but so is Satoshi Nakamoto. We might not be as big (yet) but we have the exact same spirit that is decentralization spirit, amazing support, and very good intentions too. More reasons to be anonymous is to remove the central point, so whoever can contribute along with us and revolutionize the financial industry that is controlled by just a few entities that are most likely to be corrupt.

Q3. Provides liquidity through farming to earn real currency, $IDDX and. silence. is normal, I need a little challenge whether the future team will make something different like buy nft character and then play a game for real money,$IDDX ?

| Gusti

I would say, Maybe, yes why not! As mentioned, we are decentralized meaning anyone anybody has the chance and voice to sound their idea, any ideas are welcome. In fact, we need your good ideas for us to implement. Send your ideas to our email

Q4. Lack of liquidity, high slippage, and inefficient asset pricing are common problems that plagues decentralized exchanges (“DEXs”).

| Thomas

We won’t be having problems with liquidity and high slippage, many meetings (and a long one) have been done discussing this and we are pretty confident that won’t be a problem. In regards to tx fee, we’re using BSC network so it will even be lower than your current CEX tx fee

Q5. Sebagai DEX yang berbasis di Indonesia, Apakah Indodex hanya berfokus pada pasar Indonesia? Apakah ada rencana lain untuk mengembangkan pasar global sehingga Indodex bisa mendunia?

| Gusti

Alright, Our main purpose is to revolutionize the crypto industry in Indonesia, but we realized too that in order to do this, we can’t close ourselves to wider opportunities from foreign investors and all. Secondary goal is to be a competitor to other big DEX in the world. So nope, we are not only focusing on the Indonesia market, and we will for sure aim for bigger purpose, that is to reach the global market and competing with other big DEX.


Q1. INDODEX hebat, membuat saya menyukai bahasa Indonesia. Saya ingin menjadi bagian dari investor proyek ini, apakah token Anda sudah terdaftar ?? Dan apakah Anda memiliki token tata kelola?Dan untuk jaminan keamanan, apakah Anda lulus dan AUDITS

| Thomas

Thank you, terimakasih!! Where are you from?

We have not launch yet, but will be very soon in this Q4, please wait for our roadmap to launch within this month

Q2. For me, Indodex seems really familliar to Indodax, especially for the logo and the name. Is it true that Indodax is related with Indodax? If no, why do you plagiat it?

NO it is not, we are not related, we are actually different with indodax, indodax is a CEX, and we are DEX (Decentralized exchange) but why our logo look similar as you said, it back to our main purpose, we will revolutionize the market in Indonesia, we see that the biggest cex in indonesia is IndoDEX, so we start to against them and bringing back the decentralized spirit to the market in indonesia

Q3. Is your exchange platform only accesible exclusively for Indonesian users? Can non-Indonesian users/traders can use your platform?

| Gusti

Definitely, our platform is more focused to Indonesian community, and we will try to make the platform more easy to use for everyone mean that for the global community also open to use it

Q4. Many new projects develop well at first, but then fail to achieve good results. How will you manage and develop your project to gain a foothold in the market and become a good project in the blockchain industry?

| Thomas

Hey there! Good question, this is to be announced in the near future but we have a huge support from big legit projects that will back us up, and we are moved not by just an idea but also with strong ideation and great team both technical and communication. So I strongly believe we won’t fail to achive good result

Q5. DEX is the easiest way for trader to trade their token, but most of DEX user are experienced traders because complicated to use it. What are the way Indodex educating novice user to use Indodex? Are there any manual for it?

| Thomas

Hi again, we have picked your question before but its a good one so I'll answer this one for free (no double rewards sadly)

This is how we gonna win the market, we will combine DEX with easy user interface tailored specifically for Indonesia user. And we also plan to create a manual in both video and article so that anyone everyone can start using DEX. Education will be our other main purpose in delivering this DEX to Indonesia market


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Thank you fot trusting Cryptowid as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyon can understand about INDODEX.

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