KOMMUNITAS AMA Recap — 07/07/2021

Thank you to the Cryptowid for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with KOMMUNITAS July, 07th 2021 at 1pm UTC. This guest star,

Robby - Business Development Manager

Live Telegram AMA


Without making a delay, could you give us a brief introduction about your self? Like how you can play an important role in KOMMUNITAS?


Yes, as a Business Development Manager at Kommunitas.net I am in charge of all business aspects, as well as marketing and exchange listing. With my 10+ years of experience in Business, I am sure that Kommunitas will grow as one of the top 100 projects in cryptocurrency within 1–2 years time.


Q1. What is KOMMUNITAS? and How is the story behind the KOMMUNITAS project creation?


Kommunitas is a decentralized and tier-less Launchpad. Kommunitas is the solution for Multi Chain oriented projects, being the bridge to a new organic way of fundraising across the blockchains. Kommunitas levels the playing field by enabling a developer or a team of developers to launch their project on Kommunitas’ platform and collect $ETH, $BNB, $HECO, $MATIC, or any other Cryptocurrencies supported by the platform.

Kommunitas currently supports only Matic Mainnet as its KOM token is created on Matic Mainnet as MRC20 token. But in the future, the platform will add other popular chain like Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Chain, etc.

Kommunitas was inspired by original word of Community, which is Latin word Communitas, with the meaning of “the same”. Therefore, Kommunitas is a community, which share the same vision and goal to get a capital gain in the cryptocurrency space.

Q2. Could you give us some reason why we have to choose KOMMUNITAS than other projects out there?


Kommunitas is one of many other crypto projects out there. Many projects nowadays come out with the meme token and deflationary functions. Whereas in Kommunitas, we come out with a project that has a high value and a great use case for our $KOM token.

As we can see, there are several problems with current Launchpad. Some problems are :
- Launchpad with Tier System, where people has to hold a minimum amount of token to get allocation for newly launched token.
- Launchpad with Queueing System, where normally only 10% can get allocation for newly launched projects.
- Launchpad with Whitelist System, where the transparency of selecting the whitelist is often questioned and the Launchpad tends to whitelist the big supporters of a project.
- One currency acceptance for a Launchpad.
- Launch a project without Audits and not helping the project with marketing and listing on Centralized Exchanges

Q3. Please tell us about KOMMUNITAS token $KOM ! What are the token use-case, distribution, and where we can buy it?


$KOM is native currency for Kommunitas Platform. The total supply of $KOM is 40 Billion. Almost 70% of $KOM token is locked with 3rd party locker which is DxLock and will slowly be vested until 1st of September, 2025. For the proof of Lock, please visit https://docs.kommunitas.net/tokenomics/token-distribution

The real $KOM token contract is : 0xC004e2318722EA2b15499D6375905d75Ee5390B8 and can be checked on Polygonscan.com.
There are several fake $KOM tokens, either in Polygonscan.com or bscscan.com. Please make sure you are interacting with the legit $KOM token contract.

Some of the use cases for $KOM token are:
- $KOM token holder will have the rights to vote for the future development of Kommunitas platform and all the projects that will be launched on its platform.
- $KOM token holder will also be able to stake their token and earn interesting yield on Kommunitas platform and other partners platform
- By holding $KOM, user will get the guaranteed allocation of the newly launched token, and thanks to its tier-less system, user do not need to have a minimum of amount for holding the $KOM token for a guaranteed allocation.

$KOM token can be purchased at Launchpad / IEO on IndoEx exchange and P2PB2B Exchange. $KOM token will be open for trading on early of August 2021 on those 2 Centralized Exchanges and hopefully 1–2 more centralized exchanges and 1 decentralized exchange. For more information about purchasing $KOM token at IndoEx and P2PB2B, you can visit our website or our youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBG6-Vj5KM-Xe5-PYtmV5Lg

Q4. Could you give us some information about your roadmap, your milestones, and also your future plans?


In the near future, Kommunitas plans to enable the staking function on its platform, as well as to collaborate with similar projects on Polygon Chain. After launching the Launchpad on Polygon Chain, we will also be bridging our $KOM to other blockchain like Binance Smart Chain and HECO chain. We believe that by collaborating and bridging our $KOM to other blockchain, we can get a better exposure about our projects and many crypto investors can purchase $KOM token easily.
For full information about roadmap and milestones, please visit : https://docs.kommunitas.net/roadmap


Q1. From : @orlemys

Kommunitas was developed for Polygon network, but I’m curious to know if you have any plans of expanding to other networks, such as BSC, Solana and Polkadot, since I couldn’t much info about it.


Yes, as we mentioned before, after we enable the staking function, next step is we want to enable the bridging function to other blockchain. Our target is Binance Smart Chain first, then continued to other blockchain, like Heco, Solana, Polkadot.

Q2. From : @Royal_crypto08

Community support is one of the biggest aspects of a project’s success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Does project have a special plan to engage and expand the community and improve the user experience?


Actually we are constantly building and engaging with our community. We have our updates posted almost everyday on our social media, and we have also encouraged and conducted many airdrops to attract more investors to our project.

There are 2 airdrop / giveaway campaign that is running :

Each Campaign or Airdrop has 10,000 $KOM in rewards.

1. Youtube Sharing Campaign, which ends on 30th July.
Simple task : watch, comment, and share.
Link for the Campaign : https://t.me/kommunitas_ann/58

2. July 1st Week Twitter Campaign, which ends on 11th July.
Simple task : Follow our Twitter, RT and Tag 3 friends, and leave your mrc20 wallet in the comment.
Link for the campaign : https://t.me/kommunitas_ann/57

Q3. From: @Orlemys

see on your roadmap that you have plans of organizing a Hackathon in Q1 of 2022. Could you tell us, what would be the requirements for teams to join, and how will they be picked? I know it’s far in the future, but it can be a great learning experience for many. Thank you.


we don’t have any special requirements for the Hackathon team as for now. But I guess we will welcome everyone, regardless of their background to join the Hackathon. As long as the team can contribute for our platform, they are all welcome.

Q4. From: @AlAmin27358679

Are your team planning to launch an LP reward program in the future, which will also be followed by the bug bounty program ??


As I mentioned earlier, we are planning to enable the staking function first in our own platform. And currently we are also in talk with some other Polygon projects to collaborate. For the LP rewards program, it will be there when we enter the decentralized exchange, most probably to Quickswap after we got listed on centralized exchanges. And for the bug bounty program, even tough we don’t put special program on our website, every one is welcome to find a bug and report to us. We can be reached at support@kommunitas.net and we will provide some compensation for that.

Q5. From: @rotela81

What is the most important goal of the Cumblast ? What is the main target that clumbast wants to achieve in the near future?



IF THE BEAR MARKET COMES will your token PROBABLY DUMP? Do you have any plan to prepared for this bear market? How will you handle the panic sell ? Please share with us!


Q1. Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any $Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?


Yes, we have the plan to implement the Buy Back or Burning method for $KOM token. We are not against Burn mechanism, but we do not think that it is appropriate to implement the burn mechanism just several days after the Genesis / token minting like many meme token projects out there. We will first be collecting transaction fees in the swapping or bridging function, then from that particular fees, we will use that to buy back some $KOM token and burn them.

Q2. How do you plan to spread awareness, about your project in different countries, where English is not spoken well? Do you have local communities, for them to let them better understand about your project???


We have several group which speak other language.

Official Telegram Groups of Kommunitas

Kommunitas English Group : https://t.me/Kommunitas
Kommunitas Turkish : https://t.me/kommunitastr
Kommunitas Indonesia : https://t.me/kommunitas_id
Kommunitas Español : https://t.me/kommunitas_es
Kommunitas Japan : https://t.me/kommunitas_jp
Kommunitas Hindi : https://t.me/kommunitas_hindi
Kommunitas Philippine : https://t.me/kommunitas_ph
Kommunitas Vietnam : https://t.me/kommunitas_vn

please feel free to join and get updated!

Q3. Can you list 1–3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its a competitors? What is the competitive of advantage your platform has that you feel most the confident about?


Kommunitas will plays an important role as a one-stop solution for a project that want to launch on its platform.
- Kommunitas will help the project in terms of Marketing campaign
- Kommunitas will also help the project to get audited for its smart contract
- Kommunitas will also provide grant for the project if it’s deemed possible
- And after raising some funds, Kommunitas will help the project in terms of listing on several Centralized Exchanges.

and, for the users, by holding $KOM token, the user will have benefits such as:

- $KOM token holder will have the rights to vote for the future development of Kommunitas platform and all the projects that will be launched on its platform.
- $KOM token holder will also be able to stake their token and earn interesting yield on Kommunitas platform and other partners platform
- By holding $KOM, user will get the guaranteed allocation of the newly launched token, and thanks to its tier-less system, user do not need to have a minimum of amount for holding the $KOM token for a guaranteed allocation.

Q4. What is PROJECT’s revenue, model ? In which ways do you generate, revenue/profit ?


Kommunitas has 4 revenue models as for now, namely :
- Tier-Less Launchpad, we will charge success fee for the projects that will be launched on our platform.
- Audit Firm Partnership
- Exchange Partnership, and
- Marketing PR

Q5. I want long term investment with this fraction, but I doubt now, how can you convince and convince me that this project is safe and profitable?


Many of the projects out there, after they raised some fund in the private sale round, they run away with the money.
You can track our history.
after we raised some funds from Private sale, we used the funds to get listed on 2 centralized exchanges.
we are even in talk with some other exchanges.
So, we are not running anywhere.

And also, we will be publishing our smart contract audit in 1–2 days time.

So, I believe you can invest in Kommunitas and this project going to last.


Follow Cumblast social media :

Thank you for trusting Cryptowid as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about KOMMUNITAS .
Join our Telegram Group and you can talk directly with other Communities and enjoy some of the events that we created. We are always here to support.




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