Revuto AMA Recap — 03/09/2021

Thank you to the Cryptowid for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with REVUTO september 03rd 2021 at 1pm UTC. This is guest star :

Vedran Vukman — CEO & Founder of Revuto

Live Telegram AMA


Before we start the AMA main segment, we really want to know some informations about yourself. Could you do a little introduction for us to know better about you ?

| Vedran

My name is Vedran, I’m CEO and Founder of Revuto. With my two collegues Marko Rukonic (CTO) and Josipa Majic, which I met in Silicon Valley, I decided to work on Revuto to help people pay and manage their subscriptions while leveraging subscription payments with crypto and defi setups on Cardano.


Q1. What is REVUTO? and how your team can create this great project?

| Vedran

Revuto is a decentralised app to activeliy manage subscriptions and to whom, with what and how much your paying for. As subscription economy is growing 100% year over year, sonn everybody will be buying almost everything on the subscription based model. Service proivders are actually stealing money from us via free-trail traps, on hidden unsubscribe options, and on unwanted subscriptions we forget to unsubscribe from. With easy Block, Snooze or Approve features, Revuto will help its users to control to whome, when, how much and with what to pay. Crypto is integrated part of the Revuto’s payment system to help people pay less for their subscription charges than they would pay them with their fiat money. Also, with defi setups, users will be able to make their money work for them and as a result, again, save their money on subscription charges.

Q2. Could you give us some reason why should we choose REVUTO than other dApps out there?

| Vedran

First of all, you should download Revuto if you have problems with subscription services stealing your money on free-trials that you forgot to unsubscribe from, on services you’re paying but you’re not using all the time and if you have a need to control when, how much, for what and with what you’re paying to when talking about the subscriptions. But more importantly, if you’re already paying for the products or services on monthly/yearly basis, there’s an option to earn from that and save your money. With Revuto, for every payment you make with Revuto Virtual Debit Cards, you’ll get an opportunity to get cashback in REVU, you’ll be able to top-up those cards with REVU and pay, you’ll be able to earn passive income in REVo from your referred friend everytime they make a payment with Revuto, and many more. Tehre are many advantages so pls. check our whitepaper to learn more

Q3. Could you please explain about your Roadmap, and also what phase is currently ongoing?

| Vedran

Yes, many. Our goal is to build the best sevice to manage your subscription charges. By the end of May we had our pretty successful token sale, which was actually the first public token sale on Cardano, when we sold out REVU tokens for 10 million USD in minutes. Now we’re preparing our dApp (it’s an mobile app) for integration with the Cardano wallet what will follow with the release of first REVU tokens into circulating supply and then we’ll introduce some listings of REVU on prominent exchanges. All the above and more will happen in the next 30 days (cca.) Next week we’ll announce some more exciting plans on how we plan to, not only grow our product, but help other Cardano projects to grow and build on Cardano. Our main visio is to become the biggest builder/creator of the Cardano ecosystem.

Q4. Please tell us about $REVU token! What are the token use-case, distribution, and also where we can get/buy it?

| Vedran

Ok. REVU is our utility token and Cardano native token which Revuto users can use to top-up their Revuto Virtual Debit Cards (Mastercard) and preauthorize them with the service providers in order to make payments. But the token can be used on many different ways, especially in defi setups. users will be able to stake their REVU in liquidity pools to allow other users to borrow money (micro-loans) even when they don’t have funds to pay for their subscriptions. Also, users will be able to stake REVU as a colateral to get EURr stable coin and many more. Unfortunatelly, at the moment, nobody can’t buy REVU. But that will change once exchanges list REVU. That should happen in a month but soon we’ll be announcing with which exchanges we have partreships so future investors and Revuto users can be prepared to buy REVU once they’re available.

Q5. What are the future goals of REVUTO?

| Vedran

Again, the plan is to use our big supporter base to become one of the biggest builders/creators of the Cardano’s ecosystem. With the Alonzo hard fork release on September 12th, Cardano ecosystem will be ready to explode.


Q1. every day, new defi projects are announced. I feel like people just want to ride the waves and this bubble will burst too. Now, what innovations and ideas are bringing your project to defi that we haven’t seen & will there be any defi related updates?

| Vedran

Great question. First of all, our busines model is quite different compared to most other crypto-projects because we don;t depend directly on the crypto market sentiment. If the market bursts, subscriptions wont stop charging their users and problems around subscription business that people are experiancing will not dissappear. Our CTO is very experienced with numerous (more than 20) peer-reviewed patents regarding classification of financial transactions that will use his knowledge to help you decide what you need to pay or don’t, and with what. Our Defi setups are not revolutionary but if anything else, they’ll be sustainable. For example, micro-lending setup will ask from those who borrow money to pay 6% of fees in return for borrowing from our liquidity pools. That alone could generate 4% of monthly yield for those who will stake their REVU (liquidity providers). The setup is directly connected to the real world business use case that’s sustainable (porfitable) regardless of the crypto-market sentiment.

Q2. I have never seen a crypto based project embarked on the industry. Are you the first in that sector, what is the ultimate focus of project in the blockchain industry? Lastly, Who are your Targeted audience in focus & in which region are you guys focusing on currently?

| Vedran

Yes, we’re the first project that’s trying to connect crypto-payments and defi setups with the subscription business. Crypto is part of the digital transformation of the financial sector that’s allowing its users freedom, especially if we talk about defi setups. For expample, it’s much easier to provide liquidity to other users and businesses through defi setups than by using traditional financial instruments. Much easier, cheaper and more effective.

Q3. How can you attract global users while there is so many platform?What is your advantages and makes you stand out from others?

Actually there are not many platforms, not in our business dealing with subscriptions. There are several apps trying to solve the same problem by allowing you to track, set alarms and notifiers when your subscription is due but all of them are passive services. In short, they can’t help you with who, when and how mucxh will take from your debit/credit cards once you gave your card info. to your service provider.

Q4. When I invest your token how many network fee do I pay and where do you distribute it?

| Vedran

REVU is a cardano native token minted on the cardano blockchain. All transaction fees are strictly defoned by the Cardano blockchain. There’s a transaction fee and an UTXO fee of 1 ADA. UTXO fee is something that, let’s say so, circulates so it’s not something you loose when sending REVU.


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