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-Buseness Development Associate



Before we start AMA main segment, we really want to know some informations about yourself. Could you do a little introduction for us know better about you?


Well I am Alex, Business Development Associate of Vulture Peak.
I previous;y work as an engineer for a private firm.

I first came to know about crypto in 2013 but wasn’t interested at first but then again i got into crypto in 2020 and been as a trader for a while and thats how i came to know about Vulture Peak and from 2021 i joined Vulture Peak


Q1. Please tell the community what is Vulture Peak in detail?


Well, Vulture Peak is a pioneering Launchpad and an Investment fund focusing on blockchain games, NFTs, metaverse, DeFi, and other developments in the blockchain space. It aspires to empower everyone with an investing power by providing equal opportunities for all to invest in the early stages of the projects.

In this fast-growing blockchain industry, we see more and more people joining the crypto space. However, most of the time it has only benefited a certain segment of society and it is difficult for ordinary investors like you and me to get involved in the early stages of the project to get a significant return on our investments. Therefore, Vulture Peak strives to create a level playing field for all by providing equal opportunities to participate in IDO and in the early stages of the project.

💫 Vulture Peak is a pioneering Launchpad and an Investment fund focusing on blockchain games, NFTs, metaverse, DeFi, and other developments in the blockchain space.🔥

The overall process to participate in IDOs is now made much easier and straightforward. The participants only have to deposit a minimum amount of Vulture Peak tokens to get whitelisted and it requires no staking or locking up of tokens. It is on a First Come First Served basis❗️

Incubated by:
Oddiyana Venture

Strategic Partners:
Fairum Ventures, Ekoios, Whitelist Ventures, Alpha Capital, MH Ventures

Launchpad Partners:
Kwikstarter, Koistarter

Currently in talks with:
DCI, Blockmint , BBS Finance, GBIC, Labs Group, ChinaPolka, Ferreum Network, Jackel Ventures, Red Swiss

Launchpad partners in discussion:
Duckstarter, Oxbull, Moonstarter, PolkaBridge, Munltipad, Astronaut, Milkyway, Kommunitas

Q2. As we know, every serious project always have their own roadmap. Could you please explain Vulture Peak roadmap and also what phase is currently ongoing?


Ohh yes. This is our road map

The main target of our project is to be the spearheading Launchpad and Venture support centering on blockchain recreations, NFTs, metaverse, DeFi, and many more.

We are currently going to launch our $VPK token and run the project IDOs.

Q3. We are so curious about $VPK, could you please tell us about $VPK its total supply, its features, and where we can buy it?


Yeah, everyone should be curious as it is one of its kind. Well, the total supply is 30 million. Unlike other Launchpads, Vulture Peak requires no staking or locking up of tokens to get whitelisted. It’s on a first-come, first-served basis and there is no tier system.

The participants only must deposit a minimum amount of $VPK tokens (Vulture Peak’s native token) as registration fees to get whitelisted and the allocation is guaranteed for whoever comes in first. The deposits will be in the range of $10-$30 worth of tokens only.

Deposit VPK tokens >> Get whitelisted >> Buy IDO tokens >> Claim tokens

Oh ya, it also has a deflationary mechanism which will in-turn increase the value of token

As of now, the token is not live and it’s in the fundraising stage. However, it will soon be available in pancake swap and other DEX. For the big and exciting announcement please check our socials and keep updated😊.

Q4. What is Vulture Peak strategic plan for the future?


Currently, we are only on BSC. We will add on other networks like Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, etc. depending on the demand in the market, to make Vulture Peak a multi-chain platform. Vulture Peak would be the most convenient and the easiest platform to participate in IDOs of potential projects and as we move on, our community will grow and we aspire to become a community-based VC.

We are going to spearhead Launchpad and Venture support focused on blockchain recreations, NFTs, metaverse, DeFi, and many more. Hope you guys will be on board for this exciting project.


Q1. From @ArdaKalandra

Every project token have their main utilities and real life use. So, what the main role of $VPK token in the ecosystem?


Well, the main utilities/real-life use for the $VPK token are for you to get whitelisted and for the $VPK holders to participate in future upcoming projects. Not only that @VPK holders will be able to stake or farm which in turn will increase your asset. You will be also earning point from staking which will be later used to incentivize in terms of token or enter to our games.

Q2. From @harryharahap

Do Vulture Peak has program for community? Especially for user or investor that never join IDO before. Than


Umm well, that’s why our token is exclusive compared to other launchpads. $VPK tokens do not need staking or lockup of tokens to get whitelisted, It’s on a first-come, first-served basis, and there’s no tier system. So, even the old or new birds come we are providing an equal opportunity to participate in the early stages of the project.

Deposit VPK tokens >> Get whitelisted >> Buy IDO tokens >> Claim tokens

Lastly, it provides open access to all.

Q3. From @karmilaLinda19

Currently, there are many projects that are only concerned with temporary profits, and result in future losses. is $VPK different from other projects? and is it very profitable in the long run?


Since the most important aspects of our project are the development and strengthening of the platform, we see ourselves improving with time and delivering the need for the changes required in the blockchain space. Our main aim is to provide access to all and empower everyone with an equal opportunity.

Q4. From @Mahadi429131025

On Your' @vulture_peak Website you do not mention that you have done any internal OR external AUDIT of your Smart contract, so if you done any AUDIT before, And if you don't, do you plans to review your Smart contract in the near future..??


Our code is currently under review by Certik.

and it will be done soon

Community, if you would like to learn more about Vulture Peak, here are some useful links for you:


Q5. From @saifuli_69

Does your project support staking program? if yes. how is your stake system work what is the requirement for user, if they want to stake in your platform?


We have a staking and Farming pool which are under development. Once it comes live in staking, users stake their VPK and VPK-BNB LP tokens to increase their total points depending on the number of tokens staked. When users unstack, their total points will decrease accordingly. The points collected from staking will be incentivized in terms of token in the future or in participation in games, NFT, and the metaverse. Whereas, in Farming Pool; users stake their VPK tokens to earn reward tokens depending on the duration and the number of tokens staked.

The users just need to own $VPK tokens for them to stake or farm. As easy as that 😊


Q1. How do you overcome the threat of centralization in Vulture Peak?And what is the main difference between Vulture Peak and other platforms?


Well Vulture Peak is a decentralized Launchpad. So, there is no threar. Also here is the tokenomics

For your refenrence.

Q2. If you were to summarize Vulture Peak project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?
Would you please explain why you chose this word?


Empowering everyone with the Investment Power.
Deposit VPK tokens >> Get whitelisted >> Buy IDO tokens >> Claim tokens
No hassel like other projects where you have to stake and there is no guarantee for allocation

Q3. What are the steps to become a part of your community, and start getting revenues? Where do we buy, where do we sign up? This looks like an amazing project??


We are launching soon. Please join our channel and announcement group. yes, its open to all. No staking, no locking of tokens.

You only have to deposit small amount of VPK tokens to get white listed. And after you are whitelisted, your allocation is guaranteed and you can buy the IDO tokens.

Please join our socials for more information

Q4. how secure are your smarts contract? Which company will do Audit in the future?


Its very secured as its being incubated by Oddiyana Ventures. and it is currently being audited by Certik

Q5. IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?


Well like i said and as our tag line is empowering everyone with the investing power. It open to all. Anyone can participate.
Deposit VPK tokens >> Get whitelisted >> Buy IDO tokens >> Claim tokens

Why should you choose #VulturePeak Launchpad?🤔

1. It provides open access to all.
2. First Come First Served Basis.
3. Hassle-free, simple, & easy process
4. Participate in early rounds.
5. DAO Governance for future improvements.
6. User-friendly interface.

$VPK #NFTs #DeFi

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